GB TURKEY is a Boutique Consultancy Company which offers Professional Intermediary Services in Corporate Finance field.
Our Company Principles and Strenghts are the followings:

  • We have Strong Ethical and Moral Values

  • We always stay Client Focused

  • We think Global; act Local

  • We stick to deadlines as a result of our Disciplined work schedule

  • We are very Dynamic and Focused to our work

  • We have years of cumulated Professional Experience

  • We obtained extensive Company and Sector Knowledge throughout years, being exposed to many Transactions in Turkey

  • We act as a dedicated strategic advisor and partner

  • We are dedicated to maximizing the benefit and satisfaction of our clients

GB TURKEY aims to establish long term relationships with its past, current and prospective clients. In today’s world, not only the economical conditions are subject to a rapid change but also technologically and socio-culturally, the business life is continuously transforming; that’s why companies are forced to find different strategical solutions to trigger a healhty growth and development ahead. At that point, we intent to support our clients by presenting a good understanding of their businesses, giving them a comprehensive route plan in identifying their targets to be able to realize a cross-border transaction with us.