The essence of a company valuation lies under the analyses of current and future performances with a professional understanding of the past. Valuation includes repreparation of the financial tables, building a solid financial Advisory Financial Model and determining a transaction price afterwards. We Support our clients with Valuation Advisory Services needs to determine a fair base value for the potential mergers and acquisitions transaction ahead.

We work on the profit/loss accounts and cash flow predictions with realistic assumptions. Besides, we track and take into consideration the legal developments, technological features of the products and within the competitive scope, the market shares of the rivals etc. The value originated from our vigorous work is supported with convincing evidences. Moreover, our valuation report includes alternative suggestions and the possible effects of those to increase the company’s value

1- Discounted Cash Flow

For the application of the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow), the projected cash flows, which will be generated by the Companies will be discounted at the rates appropriate for the specific sector (considering appropriate peer group and other market and company information). Furthermore, the free cash flows of the last projected year, which are assumed to continue in perpetuity, will be normalized and used in the computation of the residual value. Key figures and ratios that will be taken into consideration, in our work, as these will be extracted through the business plans.
In the context of our valuation study, we will:

1. Analize of the financial and operational indicators of the Companies,
2. Analize of the current and future operations of the Companies,
3. Creating a logic business plan and underlying financial projections of the business plan by accompanying with your finance team. However, we will not express an opinion on their achievability.