As a result of our vigorous work, we identify the Company’s pros and cons in terms of financial performance and status, we present it to the management for the necessary actions to be taken and we discuss the solutions.

1.1 Sales analysis

1.1.1 Analysis of sales by product
1.1.2 Analysis of sales by channel
1.1.3 Analysis of sales by location
1.1.4 Seasonality
1.1.5 Store analysis – if any
1.1.6 Like for like analysis – if any
1.1.7 Price/Volume/Mix analysis
1.1.8 Unit prices in the historical period

1.2 Profitability Analysis

1.2.1 Gross Profitability Analysis Gross profitability by product – Unit Profitability Gross profitability by channel Gross profitability by location
1.2.2 Operational Profitability Analysis Operational profitability by channel Operational profitability by location

1.3 Detailed Analysis of Operational Expenses

1.3.1 Comparison of the items of the SM&D and G&A expenses


Every company faces its own unique set of challenges and goals. Especially, in today’s increasingly complex business environment, companies are challenged to improve performance and create value at all levels of the organization. Squeezed between continual demands for better product/service quality, rapidly changing customer needs, increased restrictions in funding and higher operational costs, companies strive to improve their operations and service delivery capabilities which will build customer satisfaction in the most profitable way. Like other economies, in Turkey; globalization, market liberalization, technological progress, heightening competition etc make business face major transformations. In line with our critical analysis, we brain storm about your corporate targets, vision and strategies. Afterwards we develop a successful marketing and sales strategy involves having a comprehensive understanding of the business, its market and customers. We can carry out a review of your marketing and sales strategies, capabilities and activities, and help you to propose a more optimized marketing and sales model. Our consultants with their accumulated expertise and know-how, they bring genuine insight on real business issues. We bring our core competency of independent business analytics and challenge to the problem, coupled with the ability to assist management in all stages of revenue growth cycle. With the help of a combination of tried and tested methodologies with deep knowledge and understanding, GB TURKEY aims to create diffentiated, successful results within the framework of specific needs and business contexts.