A successful closing of an M&A process does not only require technical expertise and experience but also excellent relationship management skills between the related parties.

GB TURKEY supports clients starting from the pre-stage till the transaction closings and if necessary in the later processes.

In order to make our clients to gain and experience satisfactory results, we plan, organize and control each phase of the transaction with utmost care.

The process starts with a No Name Teaser after GB TURKEY carefully analyzes the operations and future potential of the company. When the inital interests of the investors are observed, we sign an NCNDA with each one of the related potential parties to protect the confidentiality of the company data being shared. The process continues with the next stage which we sent to the potential investors an Information Memorandum (IM) Report where the businesses of our clients’ are explained in detail within the competitive nature of the sectoral terms and conditions. IM is accompanied with an extensive Financial Model for the purpose of valuation. In the meanwhile we invite the investors for an introductory visit to meet with the company shareholders. We arrange a Q&A session and expect to receive a Non-Binding Offer (NBO) which gives the turn to Due Diligence Phase right after mutual signing. DD work has 4 dimensions: Financial, Tax, Commercial and Legal. Having completed those four sequential DD stages, SPA (Shareholder Purchasing Agreement) and SHA (Shareholder Agreement) are discussed and negotiated. The Competition Authority approvals are received and via completing the Closing requirements, the deals is succesfully accomplished.

As GB TURKEY, we stay always Client focused, by presenting customized Professional M&A Services, in all the phases of the Transaction.